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Creative Conversations about Conservation: an exhibition curated by Nicholas Smith

I have been helping prepare an exhibition dedicated to exploring new ways of communicating conservation science alongside a collective of scientists and artists, which we have called “Artefact”. We had our first event on Wednesday! Dr. Geof Hill kindly reviewed it on his blog:

the (research) supervisor's friend


An exhibition review.

One of the outcomes of encouraging researchers to embrace creativity (see previous blog) in their publications is that they do, and this can result in a range of creative events. This exhibition is one such event, where several conservation researchers decided to publish some creative aspects of their research in the mode of an art exhibition.

The exhibition as a research publication is a relatively innovative way to publish one’s research or portions of one’s research, and can be undertaken by a single researcher, or as is the case with this exhibition, a collaboration with the support of an exhibition curator.

The purpose of the Creative Conversations about Conservation exhibition is twofold:
Firstly, each of the researchers is celebrating their individual creative talents and demonstrating how their creative flair plays an integral part in their research work and publication.
Secondly, the collaborative Artefact ( ) has used…

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