Made it to Uluru!

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, of British-Italian nationalities, I am based in London, U.K., working as a government policy advisor.  I am also an Honorary Fellow at the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions and the Threatened Species Recovery Hub, National Environmental Science Programme at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.  This website documents my research outside of work and scientific interests.

I am interested in user-focussed research that promotes better natural resource management decision-making, prioritising the conservation of biodiversity whilst recognising the constraints of limited funding and necessity for economic development.

From 2016-2017, I worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Cambridge Conservation Research Institute to develop standardised metrics for understanding businesses’ impacts and dependencies on natural resources.

Previously, I have been involved in a variety of conservation projects, ranging from assessing correlates of human-elephant conflict incidents in Assam (India) during my Masters degree, developing time-series analysis methods for identifying distinctions in vertebrate population declines for my PhD, to applying decision frameworks for the optimal allocation of financial resources across threatened wildlife species during my postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Queensland , Australia.  I also worked at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge, supporting the European Commission and the Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in assessing the sustainability of the international legal trade in wildlife.

I completed a PhD on wildlife population declines at Imperial College London and the Institute of Zoology under the supervision of Dame Professor Georgina Mace and Dr. Ben Collen. I have an MRes in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation from Imperial College and a BSc in Biology with French from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.


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